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  1. Click on Image to Download Book A provocative and surprising exploration of the longest sustained relationships we have in life—those we have with our siblings. Nobody affects us as deeply as our brothers and sisters. Our siblings are our collaborators and co-conspirators, our role models and cautionary tales. They teach us how to resolve conflicts and how not to, how to conduct friendships and when to walk away. Our siblings are the only people we know who truly qualify as partners for life. In this perceptive and groundbreaking book, Jeffrey Kluger explores the complex world of siblings in equal parts science, psychology, sociology, and memoir. Based on cutting-edge research, he examines birth order, twins, genetic encoding of behavioral traits, emotional disorders and their effects on sibling relationships, and much more. With his signature insight and humor, Kluger takes science’s provocative new ideas about the subject and transforms them into smart, accessible insights that will help everyone understand the importance of siblings in our lives.
  2. Click on Image to Download Book (kindle edition) When it comes to our siblings, we often think of sibling rivalry. But the sibling connection is much more. It is mysterious, complex, and constantly changing. Our siblings are major players in our lives and impact everything from our choice of profession to our choice of a husband, wife, or partner. Siblings are reflections of ourselves and help us better understand who we are, why we are, and the way we are.
  3. CLICK ON IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD BOOK Written by one of the Worlds Leading experts on adoption reunions Joe Soll and covering the fact that many adoptee,s have trouble with intimate relationships. In this unique book, the reader is provided with a description of the unfolding of the adoptee's personality from birth, detailing each developmental milestone along the way, followed by different methods of healing the adoptee's wounds, including inner child work, visualizations, healing affirmations, and anger management. Every chapter includes a Myths and Realities of adoption section, a summary of the chapter and exercises to do on one's own.
  4. Click on Image to download book A reunion between family members who have been separated by an adoption can be a very emotional event. For most people there is great joy and excitement, but for some there can be anger and disappointment. Sometimes there is a mixture of both ecstasy and agony. I have written this book to help to explain that mixture of feelings and to increase understanding of the emotional dynamics of the reunion experience.
  5. Click on Image to download Book Recent empirical work has shown that adopted children are more vulnerable to a host of psychological and school-related problems compared to their non-adopted peers. The rate of referral of adopted children to mental-health facilities is far above what would be expected given their representation in the general population. However, our understanding of the basis of these problems remains unclear. In this work, David Brodzinsky, who has conducted one of the largest studies of adopted children, along with Marshall Schechter, a child psychiatrist, has brought together a group of leading researchers from various disciplines to explore the complex, interdisciplinary subject of adoption. Theoretical, empirical, clinical, and social policy issues offer new insights into the problems facing parents of adopted children and especially the children themselves. The book is a comprehensive study and will be of interest to child psychiatrists, developmental and clinical psychologists, social workers, and social service providers.
  6. Click on Image to download Book Understanding the Adopted Child
  7. Click on Image to download Book The Theory behind Sibling relationships ~ A raw and Honest Account
  8. Click on Image to download Book In this acclaimed and groundbreaking memoir, Kathryn Harrison transforms into a work of art the darkest passage imaginable in a young woman’s life: an obsessive love affair between father and daughter that begins when she, at age twenty, is reunited with the father whose absence had haunted her youth
  9. Click on Image to download Book Is It Love or Is It Addiction? has helped countless people find their way from the trials and confusions of addictive love to the fulfillment of whole and healthy relationships.
  10. Barbara Gonyo is the Founder of the Genetic Sexual Attraction Website. We Highly recommend that all new members download and purchase this book. Its a very personal and accurate account of the Feelings that accompany a GSA reunion. Click on Image to download Book (kindle version) A few words of Welcome from Barbara "To those of you who are new to GSA... You may have heard GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction) mentioned over the years on a TV show or watched a documentary on GSA. Or you may have turned to another channel because GSA had nothing to do with you so why waste your time watching or listening to something as strange and perhaps a subject that sounds like it would only effect a few people in the world and it will go away. Perhaps now things have changed in your life and you are looking for information on GSA because it is affecting you or your family or a friend. GSA is real....It isn't something just found in a fictional novel. GSA has been happening to people for many years due to separations in families such as a divorce or adoption which takes relatives away from us that we might have been raised with if circumstances had been different. That is the cause. What is the effect? The effect comes with strong human emotions and passions that are awakened when being with a reunited relative. You may look alike. You may enjoy the same things in life. You may share the same talents, you may feel an instant bond with this blood relative. It may be a bond that is different from any you ever felt before. What you may or may not have, is the understanding of what is happening to both of you or only one of you. GSA can make you happy and sad at the same time. It can also be so powerful that it can ruin relationships instead of making good relationships by being dealt with to make us stronger and give us the gift of helping others who came after us looking for help. It was as early as 1979 that I discovered GSA and became bold enough to speak out and to write a book about GSA to help others understand what was happening. I knew education was very important in a reunion before meeting. The GSA website has been in existence for many years. It grew rapidly. It grew so rapidly that eventually I had to back away and ask for help. Without the help of wonderful forum moderators, I would have had to close my site. Now here we are in 2012 and GSA has not died. GSA has not gone away. It's not a disease so there is no cure. GSA is misdirected love. It was a love that we had taken from us when separated which took away the natural bonding process from our lives. In finding our loved one, we don't know how to deal with the feelings of loss and abandonment, so we let our instincts lead our bodies to search for lost intimacy. Our logic is way behind our feelings. Thus we have a GSA relationship without knowing where to go or what to do. The GSA forum site was to educate and communicate with other GSA people. It is truly a blessing and a live saver to thousands. God Bless Barbara Gonyo
  11. A comprehensive list of Articles that have appeared in the Media over the last 10 years Incest - Wikipedia ,the free encyclopedia Genetic sexual attraction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Westermarck effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Patrick Stübing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Genetic sexual attraction | From the Guardian | The Guardian Brother and Sister, and Lovers - ABC News Genetic Sexual Attraction: True Love Or Incest? - The Frisky Mackenzie Phillips Incest Puts "Genetic Sexual Attraction" In The Spotlight Genetic Sexual Attraction Part 1 - YouTube Genetic Sexual Attraction – With @NyakalloLephoto — The Princess Project (K) Forbidden love - Canada - CBC News Incest, Betrayal and Genetic Sexual Attraction | Colleen Anderson Genetic Sexual Attraction vs. Incest | Boston Divorce Lawyer - Boston Divorce & Family Law Attorney Blog Father and daughter have a baby together after 30-year separation | Mail Online Jenny Deaves: Why we went public - 60 Minutes blog Genetic Sexual Attraction: The Untold Story of Post-Adoption Reunions | Activism Forbidden Love Incest: The Last Taboo France makes incest a crime Authorities charge woman with incest The Hindu : Life & Style / Metroplus : An unusual bond Genetic Sexual Attraction~The Guardian Genetic Sexual Attraction AUDIO FILES Australia Dec 2015 12 Cases of Genetic Sexual Attraction Genetic Sexual Attraction is normal and real In love with my Father GSA on Dr Drew Danielle and Nick Scottish Siblings fight for their Love Genetic Sexual Attraction ~ How I fell in LOVE with my Father This is what it,s like to fall in LOVE with your brother A woman succumbs to feelings of attraction to her father What its like to Date your Dad Intimate Relations~The Australian 2012 GSA~The Hidden Risk in Adoption Reunions Falling in Love with my Brother~Marie Claire~Jan 2016 A New Theory of Sexual Attraction~Genetic Similarity UNDER EDITING excuse the messiness
  12. We are researching a documentary about GSA for British television. At a time when legislation and technology are making it easier for people to track down their biological families, our film aims to help viewers understand what GSA is and how it affects people’s lives. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about this phenomenon, and it seems important to set the record straight. We feel it’s crucial at this stage to develop a proper understanding, so would like to get in touch with people whose lives have been touched by GSA, to hear your stories. We are especially keen to hear from people who live in the UK. Any emails or conversations would be confidential and of course with no obligation. If you would like to hear more, please email We would be most grateful if you could spare the time to email, and we’ll get back to you straight away. Thank you very much indeed. Kathy O'Neil
  13. I represent a London, UK based television documentary production company who is looking to make a 60 minute documentary on Genetic Sexual Attraction. The intention is to explore all aspects of the situation from a measured, thoughtful, and sympathetic standpoint. Above all we hope to increase awareness and discussion of GSA without sensationalism or negativity. In all documentaries it is the personal stories which are crucial to an audience's understanding and engagement with a subject, so I would really like to speak with anyone who has experienced GSA in any format and would be willing to speak about it on camera. I appreciate discussing any GSA relationship (especially an active one) is very difficult for any number of reasons, but we would of course be willing to discuss ways of protecting your privacy. As we are based in the UK I am especially looking for people who live in Britain or Europe, but of course I would like to hear from anyone, anywhere who feels they would like to tell their story. If you would like any more information, or would like to offer yourself for the project please get in touch. Best wishes Charlotte Evans Double Act Productions Ltd 0207 733 0261
  14. My name is Faye - I'm a features writer for the national newspapers and women's magazines in the UK. I work for a company called Caters News Agency. I am looking to put together a piece on GSA and the effects it has on those involved and those around them. It would be a sensitively written, personal piece. The person (or people) featured would need to be named and pictured, but they would receive a full read-back of the piece before it was published anywhere, and I would never publish it anywhere without their full permission. There would be a compensation involved, and telling the story through a news agency is the best way to guarantee the best fee for the story. We try and get the publications to bid for the story, like in an auction, therefore ensuring the contributor gets the best deal. I appreciate that this is a sensitive subject and that not everyone will want to open up their lives to the national press, but I want to assure anyone that does get in touch that they will only be dealing with me and I will handle their story with the utmost care. If anyone has any questions you can email me at I would be more than happy to answer any questions and that would in no way tie the person in to do the story. Hopefully speak to some of you soon. Thanks!
  15. Looking for people who have experienced GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction) A Sydney production company is researching GSA for a documentary aimed at raising awareness and removing the stigma around GSA. They would love to hear from you if you have had any experience with GSA or know someone who has. Full privacy and anonymity is guaranteed if required. Financial compensation will be considered depending on the participants' level of involvement with the project. They are especially looking for people in Australia. Please contact them by sending an email to: Or contact Leslie directly at: Leslie Marsh +61 433 399 280