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  1. I've had relationships galore, & yes I've had some that were very intense. My wife & I have a relationship of love, commitment, & security where all other relationships pale in comparison. The love I feel for her is definitely the type I've longed for all my life. But even it pales in comparison to the intensity & obsession that I felt for my h/s. Maybe age, hormones, & a lack of maturity has a lot to do with those things. I guess you could say that in my wife, I've found the TRUE love of my life, & it's the most fulfilling relationship & emotion I've ever had with any woman. But even so, the obsession & willingness to do just about anything to be with my h/s, is still the most consuming thing I've experienced.
  2. We often use words like obsession, soulmate, & exhilaration to describe our experience with our GSA partner. Isn't it feasible to express GSA as a once in a lifetime experience where we've found someone who consumes us as no one else ever did, & in ways no one else ever has?
  3. Absolutely, Judy. Great way to sum up a lengthy article with a to the point common sense response. Feel, grieve, & eventually HEAL, but don't make the grieving & healing even harder out by digging our hole deeper than it already is.
  4. Thank you, Gloria. No, I'm not a pastor, just a man who has grown to love God more & more (especially when I think of the things I've done). The God who has "transformed" my life, has the power to do so in ANYONE who will surrender to his will. It may be that none of you will be willing to do that difficult work, Gloria. But this I know from personal experience, each & every one in your family can be cleansed, renewed, & live a life of joy & hope, if they CHOOSE to do so in God's grand scheme of things. I will be praying for EVERY member of your family. I promise to do so, day & night, all week long. I propose that all dedicated Christians on this site PLEASE join me in lifting up Gloria & her family. There is POWER in the prayers of the rightous ones (Bible says so). Gloria, you can set the standard, in how you lead the way, & the chances are that it will be effective (at least to some degree). But you must NEVER base your transformation, on what others will do. It has to be DEEPLY personal between you & God. When the motive is to get things right between you & God, in many cases, other things seem to fall into place, somehow. BUT, when you attempt to change because of how you hope/expect others to react, it usually turns out very bad. Do it for you, Gloria, you will never be the same!!!! it will look GREAT on you.
  5. Yea, I can see by rereading that my thought process may be very hard to follow. When I say ONE TIME, what I mean is during the process of reconcillation, you DO need to lay your cards on the table one last time (as if they don't know your feelings). The message needs to be, "I can never be accepting of the relationship, as it exists now, but othet things are much more important to me". Repairing my relationship with you (daughter), & seeking to establish at least some semblance of a reasonable relationship with you (son), is MUCH more important than the sin that we all know is going on. We have to start somewhere, & it will be a trial & error process, but let's try, b/c the way we are doing things now is just horrible. I will not mention the relationship again. END QUOTE. Gloria, if you're honest about Jesus's pattern, it was, as he said, not to judge the world, but to save it. Yes, the time will come when he will judge it, but when he was here, his mission was to seek & save. I'll grant you that Jesus did many things, as a perfect man & son of God, that are not proper for us to try (walk on water, raise the dead, heal the blind, lame, sick, demon possessed, etc). But the pattern is clear, judge not LEST you be judged. That doesn't not mean we shouldn't be judging, Gloria, but be prepared (in fact it's a promise from Jesus) to be judged by the same temperment that you judge others. That is a VERY sobering thought to me, & makes me want to be very very careful to, if I DO err,to err on the side of grace & mercy. B/C, that's exactly what I will need from God when my judgement comes. He promises to judge me, like I've judged others. The sinner next to Jesus on the cross, never repented, never had the opportunity to reverse his life from a thief to a model citizen. Yet, b/c he simply asked Jesus to remember him, Jesus promised him that he would. It didn't take much for Jesus to move towards those who sin. If we call ourselves Christians, shouldn't we be willing to do the same. If you recall, Jesus very worst condemnations were NOT for those in a lifestyle of sin, but those who were hypocrites. To be a hypocrite is MUCH worse than being a sinner, at least to Jesus.
  6. I agree with Carly that the best place for her to get help, should she be willing to open up & talk to others, is here at the forum. Just as we've tried to give you advice to benefit you, we will also do for her. BUT, Gloria, the most tremendous help of all, will be a mother who moves towards forgiveness to BOTH of her children, while NOT condoning. IMO, the best way to accomplish that is to do a ONE TIME, this is something I can never accept as acceptable, then demonstrating a LIFESTYLE, of seeking out the "lost sheep" as Jesus did, when it got separated from the herd. You CAN do "all things", Gloria, when you have the right power source. God bless you!
  7. Wonderful news, Sandra. If anyone can be honest about GSA, FROM EVERY PERSCECTIVE, it would be you. I trust you to represent us fairly, as well as those who have no choice in the tremendous effects of GSA. Go get em, Sandra!!!