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  1. My experience was meeting myself in someone else, all the good and the bad. As it is, I am very obsessive and nearly all my relationships were very obsessive other than that with my husband which I conciously chose and through which I learnt the meaning of love. I like Cedar ,also had the most intense obsession imagineable for almost 5 years and fortunately because of the forum, mourning and grieving , seeing it for what it was I have been able to largely get over it , hooray. I think it felt like a mirror and the 'ultimate' obsessive relationship, like the pinnacle of what my deep down core issues were really all about and facing the issues has been so liberating that I don't think I will ever have another obsession like that again. I think I can safely say it was my ultimate test.
  2. What a spot on article. In short: Understand why we have our powerful feelings and feel them, however don't act on them. Rather choose positive actions for positive outcomes.