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  3. Our forum has been updated to the latest technology! As you can see in the top left hand corner the padlock shows it's secure. You can join knowing your information is secure and private! If you have any concerns or problems purchasing the subscription, email to bluemoonartcompany@gmail.com and explain your issue. Thank You,
    • Jenson
    • Lost Sister


    Not really sure what to do here.

    1. Lost Sister

      Lost Sister

      well..Hello is a good start :)


    • Rae
    • JulieB

    Hi JulieB! Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions,feel free to pm me. Glad you founds us :)

  4. mjam


  5. mjam


  6. Gladee

    i cant join chat room not working

  7. Gladee

    Im feeling terrible... im the wife of my gsa husband who is currently very down, confused he was adopted meet his mother as teenager and their relationship became infused with blurred boundaries and his now his daughter who who is in her 20 the same issues. we have known each other for over 25 years and i new these encounter were goin to happen but the sexual lines have now been crossed in the past with the mother and now with the daughter , he has just talked to me yesterday and i found th...

    • Rae
    • aussiegirl63

    Welcome to the forum! Feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns!

    1. aussiegirl63


      Thank you Rae, appreciate it.

    • Rae
    • Clio69

    Hello, welcome to the forum. Please post in the Intro section asap. We look forward to meeting you!

    • Rae
    • Lisa

    Hi Lisa! Welcome to the Forum. I look forward to getting to know about you. :)

    • Rae
    • Marina

    Hi Marina! Welcome! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me. :)

    1. Marina


      Hi Rae :)

      Thank you so much. I`m from Germany and I searched the last 2months and this is the only website that I feel really comfortable.

      If I find my courage I will post my story.


    • Rae
    • lilianne

    Welcome to the Forum lilianne, Your profile pic is interesting. I think of being on a desert island with my gsa. s the only place where we would feel free. I also feel the isolation...

    1. Rae


      Glad your here! :)

  8. lilianne

    mutual GSA with my son

  9. mjam


    • Rae
    • Beth

    Welcome to he forum. pm's are welcome :)

    • Rae
    • HeartDance


    • Rae
    • Dom58

    Welcome to the forum Dom. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Rae
    • JayMack

    Welcome to the Forum JayMack! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    1. JayMack


      Thank you for the friendly reception!


      I'm sure questions will happen, right now just getting a handle of all of this is a full time job!

    • Rae
    • Muhneek

    Welcome to the forum Muhneek! I look forward to hearing your story!

    • Rae
    • Elliebeep

    Welcome to the Forum Chloe! Let me know if i can help in any way!

    1. Elliebeep


      Hey Rae thanks for the message I've only just seen this, getting used to the whole platform and still browsing. I do plan on sharing my situation soon xx

  10. Lost Sister

    This is ME

    1. Anne Marie

      Anne Marie

      Lost Sister, I love seeing your real face …… even if you are purple ;)

    • Rae
    • plagueheart666

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you find what your looking for. Please don't hesitate to ask! We understand. Thanks for Joining!

    • Rae
    • Mozfan

    Hey Mozfan, Have you posted your story yet? Just curious about you :) I see you've been around a while...

    • Rae
    • Tilly

    Hi Tilly! Welcome to the forums! If you have any issues or ?? let me know. Glad you found us!

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