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Family Dynamics

Each family member effected by GSA has its own unique circumstances. Some of the subgroups are password protected. Email an administrator or moderator if you need a password for your subgroup.


  1. Sibling GSA

    A place to get resources and support for people who are a brother or a sister in a GSA relationship.

    • cedarforest
  2. Parent/Child GSA

    A place for people to get support and resources regarding GSA between mother and son, or father and daughter.

    • Rae
  3. Spouses with Partners Going Through GSA

    This is the place for significant others and spouses, who are trying to support their loved one who is in a GSA relationship.

    • Lost Sister
  4. Concerned Family and Friends

    A place for people who are close to someone going through a GSA experience

    • cedarforest
  5. Other GSA Relationships

    This is for anyone in a GSA relationship that does not fit into the parent/child or sibling category.

    • GSA Forum Administrator
  6. Ready to Reunite

    This place is for people who have or are about to reunite with a family member and want to have support through the process, in hopes of minimizing the effects of GSA

    • Mariasofie1997
  7. Gals Only

    This space is password protected and available to Women only. PM Rae, Lost Sister or Serena for the password.

    • No posts to show
  8. Guys Only

    This is a password protected Forum...Please ask Cedar Forest if you wish to enter "THE Man CAVE " :)

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