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e Book~ I'm His Mother But He's Not My Son ~Barbara Gonyo

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Barbara Gonyo is the Founder of the Genetic Sexual Attraction Website.


We Highly recommend that all new members download and purchase this book.

Its a very personal and accurate account of the Feelings that accompany a GSA reunion.





Click on Image to download Book




 (kindle version)


A few words of Welcome from Barbara



"To those of you who are new to GSA...


You may have heard GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction) mentioned over the years on a TV show or watched a documentary on GSA. Or you may have turned to another channel because GSA had nothing to do with you so why waste your time watching or listening to something as strange and perhaps a subject that sounds like it would only effect a few people in the world and it will go away.


Perhaps now things have changed in your life and you are looking for information on GSA because it is affecting you or your family or a friend.


GSA is real....It isn't something just found in a fictional novel. GSA has been happening to people for many years due to separations in families such as a divorce or adoption which takes relatives away from us that we might have been raised with if circumstances had been different.


That is the cause.


What is the effect?


The effect comes with strong human emotions and passions that are awakened when being with a reunited relative. You may look alike. You may enjoy the same things in life. You may share the same talents, you may feel an instant bond with this blood relative. It may be a bond that is different from any you ever felt before.

What you may or may not have, is the understanding of what is happening to both of you or only one of you.


 GSA can make you happy and sad at the same time. It can also be so powerful that it can ruin relationships instead of making good relationships by being dealt with to make us stronger and give us the gift of helping others who came after us looking for help.


It was as early as 1979 that I discovered GSA and became bold enough to speak out and to write a book about GSA to help others understand what was happening. I knew education was very important in a reunion before meeting.


The GSA website has been in existence for many years.

It grew rapidly. It grew so rapidly that eventually I had to back away and ask for help.

Without  the help of wonderful forum moderators, I would have had to close my site.


Now here we are in 2012 and GSA has not died. GSA has not gone away. It's not a disease so there is no cure. GSA is misdirected  love.

It was a love  that we had taken from us when separated which took away the natural bonding process from our lives.

In finding our loved one, we don't  know how to deal with the feelings of loss and abandonment, so we let our instincts lead our bodies to search for lost intimacy.


Our logic is way behind our feelings. Thus we have a GSA relationship without knowing where to go or what to do.


The GSA forum site was to educate and communicate with other GSA people.


It is truly a blessing and a live saver to thousands.


God Bless

Barbara Gonyo

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